A 1NT opening requires between 15 and 17 high card points and a balanced hand. More specifically, with the correct point range, 1NT should always be opened with 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2, or 5-3-3-2 with a long minor. It is optional (depending on partnership agreement) to open 1NT with 5-3-3-2 and a long major, 5-4-2-2 with 2 spades and 4 hearts, or 6-3-2-2 with a long minor.

A 2NT opening requires 20 to weak 22 points with a balanced hand, or with a five-card major, six-card minor or five-four distribution with a five-card minor. It does not require the doubleton to be stopped.

Responses to 1NT opening Edit

The following responses to 1NT openings are used.

Options Edit

The 2-3 bids can have a number of meanings. The default is four suit transfers with

  • 2 as a transfer to clubs
  • 2NT as a transfer to diamonds
  • 3 shows both minors and is weak and nonforcing
  • 3 shows both minors and is strong
  • 3 and 3 show both minors, strength, and a splinter in the bid major

An alternative is 2 shows both minors (or a weak hand with diamonds), 2NT is invitational, and 3 of a minor is either weak or invitational (by agreement).

Responses to 2NT opening Edit

The following conventions are on after a 2NT opening, a 2NT rebid after a 2 opening or a 2NT rebid after a Kokish relay after a 2 opening.