Checkback Stayman is a convention. This convention is alertable.

Checkback Stayman is a convention to find a major suit fit. It is similar to 2 Stayman after 1NT opening, but checkback Stayman is applied by the responder after a 1NT or 2NT rebid by the opener.

Convention Edit

The following sequences activate this convention:

Opener Responder
1/1 1/11
1NT2 23
Opener Responder
1/1 1/11
2NT2 33
  1. showing 4 or more of the suit
  2. denying 4 of responders suit
  3. checkback Stayman, shows at least invitational values with 5 cards in the bid major OR 4 cards in the other major.

After 2, opener's rebids are:

  • 2: no support
  • 2/2: 4 cards if it is unbid OR 3 cards if it is bid

Implication Edit

If checkback Stayman is on after a 1NT rebid by opener, the following sequence is weak:

Opener Responder
1 1
1NT 2

This shows at least 5 s and 4 s with about 6 to 9 points, assuming the 1NT rebid is 12-14. With more points, 2 would be bid in place of 2.

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