A constructive raise is a single raise which shows about 8-10 points and an 8-card fit. It is an attempt to narrow the normal range of a single raise (5-10 points). If Bergen raises are on, it shows an exactly 8-card fit.

Rebids after a constructive raise Edit

  • With 12-14 points, opener should pass
  • With 15-17 points in a major suit, opener should invite game
    • Raising to the three level is a natural invite
    • A new suit shows a long suit and is a game try
  • With 18 or more points, opener should bid game in a major or invite in a minor
  • With 15 or more points and all side suit stopped when a minor is agreed, opener should bid 2NT to invite game.

Raising with a weak hand Edit

With this treatment, holding 5-7 HCPs, responder does not raise directly but bids 1NT first then make the delayed support.


Single raise - Jump raise
Competitive raise - Preemptive raise - Constructive raise - Limit raise - Forcing raise
Inverted minor raise - Bergen raise - Splinter - Jacoby 2NT - Truscott 2NT (Jordan 2NT)
Quantitative slam invite