A forcing call is a call which forces the partner to bid if the opponent in-between passes.

Many natural and most artificial bids are forcing.

Forcing one round Edit

Forcing one round is the simplest form of forcing. It just forces the partner to bid without any further obligation. It is abbreviated as F1.

Examples Edit

Forcing and promises a rebid Edit

Forcing and promises a rebid means forcing for one and a half round. It forces both the partner and the bidder to bid again.

Examples Edit

  • Any non-jump 2-level new suit response to partner's opening in SAYC.

Forcing to a specified level Edit

Once such a call is made, the auction may not end until the specified level. The most common form is forcing to game, or game forcing (abbreviated as GF). A game forcing bid forces the auction to the game level, or to double the opponents, unless the agreed suit is a minor, in which case the auction can end at 4 of the minor.

Examples Edit

  • A strong 2 opening in SAYC forces the auction to one level below game (i.e. 2NT, 3 of a major or 4 of a minor).
  • Any 2/1 response to partner's 1st/2nd seat 1 or 1 opening in 2/1 game forcing is forcing to game, hence the name.