Goren system was a natural system widespread before the creation of Standard American. It shared most of the features with Culbertson system, but used point counts instead of honour trick counts. Nowadays, when we say the original natural system, it means Goren system most of the time.

Openings Edit

  • 1 of a suit: 13-22 points, 4+ of the suit
    • For hand with just 13 points, there must be a reasonable rebid available for the hand to be opened.
    • Opening a 5-card suit need not have values in it, but opening a 4-card , or needs to have at least 3 points in the suit.
    • 1 is the negative opening, either a suit or 14+ points with no good suit to bid.
    • Third hand opening may be made with slightly less points (about 11)
  • 1NT: 16-18 points, balanced
  • 2 of a suit: 25+ points, 5+ of the suit (deduct 2 points for each card longer)
  • 2NT: 22-24 points, balanced
  • 3NT: 25-27 points, balanced
  • 3 of a suit: preemptive, 9-12 points, 7+ cards
  • 4/4: A strong hand (8 winners) with at least 7 of the suit

Revised opening bids Edit

In the revised edition of the book Goren's New Bridge Complete in 1985, some openings are modified to meet modern standards:

Suit auction Edit

See sub-article /suit auction

Notrump auction Edit

See sub-article /notrump auction

Defensive bidding Edit

  • 1NT overcall: 15-18 HCPs.

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