Jacoby 2NT is a convention to show a game-forcing major suit raise after a 1-level opening. After a 5-card major suit opening, 2NT promises 4-card support and 13+ points, and asks opener for information about any short suits to see if slam is a possibility.

Rebids after 2NT Edit

  • A new suit at the 3-level shows a singleton or void
  • A new suit at the 4-level (below game) shows a second (5-card) suit
  • 3 of the major shows a maximum opening (SAYC: 18+ points)
  • 3NT shows a medium opening (SAYC: 15-17 points)
  • 4 of the major shows a minimum opening (SAYC: 13-14 points)

Subsequent bidding Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Slam bidding is more accurate.

Disadvantages Edit

  • A short suit is revealed even when responder does not need this information. This helps opponents to find their fit and avoid the short suit.
  • The natural 2NT bid is gone.

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