A limit raise is a fit response to an opening of one of a suit. A jump raise of opener's suit typically shows invitational values (10-12 points). Opener should bid game in a major suit with 15 points and pass otherwise.

Limit raises were developed because the original natural system for responding to suit openings made it very difficult to describe a hand with invitational values (the only possible response allowed was 1/1 and 2/1 responses), and such hands are far too common for that level of awkwardness.

Treatment Edit

The convention states that a jump raise of a 1-level suit opening shows 10-12 points with a fit, and is invitational to game if the suit is a major. This is actually completely natural, as the responder is making a limit bid by bidding the highest contract he thinks the partnership can make given the information received from the opener.

Opener's Rebids Edit

  • With 13-14 points, pass
  • With 15+ points, bid game over a major suit raise
  • With interesting distribution and a maximum, bid something else to try for slam

Limit raises over minor suit openings Edit

After a minor suit opening, it is very common to have enough strength for 3NT, but not enough for 5 of the minor. Thus, it is better that a strong responding hand with a minor suit fit not require so much bidding space, leaving room to explore the possibility of notrump. So many partnerships do not use limit raises for minor suits, favoring instead Inverted minor raises. Bridge World Standard advocates inverted minor raises, while Standard American Yellow Card uses limit minor raises.

Advantages Edit

  • Invitational hands come more often than game-forcing hands, therefore, it is much more useful to assign a bid to this meaning.

Disadvantages Edit

  • To show a game forcing raise, an artificial bid (most commonly 2NT or 3NT) is needed.

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