Michaels cue-bid is a convention.

Michaels cue-bid is a defensive convention for showing a two-suited hand. There is not a commonly accepted strength range, it is a matter of partnership agreement.

Convention Edit

A cue-bid of RHO's suit when only one suit has been bid shows either (at least) 5-5 in the majors if the cue-bid is a minor, or else 5-5 in the unbid major and an unspecified minor. Thus,

  • 1-2 and 1-2 both show and .
  • 1-2 shows and either or .
  • 1-2 shows and either or .

With strength outside the agreed range, bid a simple overcall.

This bid is artificial and forcing.

Responses Edit

After a 2-level minor suit cue-bid (showing both majors):

After a 2-level major suit cue-bid (showing the other major and an unspecified minor):

  • other major: sign off
  • 2NT: ask for minor
  • 3 of the minor: very good suit, non-forcing
  • raise the cue: game interest in one of the suits
  • 3NT: sign off

Overcaller rebids Edit

  • After a raise: bid his cheapest suit at the cheapest level if weak, all other bids are strong
  • After 2NT minor ask: bid the minor

Interference Edit

If the cue-bid shows the other major and an unspecified minor, it is vulnerable to aggressive preempts:

South West North East
1 2 4

Now, East does not know which minor West holds.

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