With very long suits and not much strength, it is often a good idea to open preemptively. The exact level to open at depends on a number of factors, not the least of which being the vulnerability.

With seven cards in a suit, including at least one honor but not much else outside, open the long suit at the three level. With eight or more, open at the four level.


Partner often pass without particularly strong hand, but there are also bids to find out possible fits or slams.

  • 2NT response is an asking bid over Weak two bid
    • Opener will bid his/her side suit with King or Ace (He/she can't possibly have two to open weak-two), or rebid his/her suit without side suit honors.
  • A new suit is natural and forcing, responder have opening strength and the suit is at least 5-card. Possibly a try to find fits and game/slam.
    • Opener may raise partner's suit with fit, and rebid own suit without fit.
  • A single raise or a double raise is a sign-off, to play with 3-card support (sometimes with 2-card support). Possibly preemptive.