Splinter raises is a convention. This convention is alertable.

A splinter is a jump, typically a double jump, for showing a fit and a singleton or void in the bid suit.

Convention Edit

  • After an major suit opening opening of 1 or 1, a double jump shift shows a splinter (singleton or void) in the bid suit, 4+ trump support, and 13+ points.
    • 1--3

Opener's rebid Edit

  • With a minimum and no slam interest, opener simply bids game in his suit.
  • Non-jump bid in a new suit shows a control.
  • 4NT is Blackwood.

In competition Edit

After takeout double interference, Splinter Raises are generally played as still on.

After overcall interference splinters may be on or off by partnership agreement,

Bridge World Standard (2001) plays that a jump cue bid is splinter but a jump shift over the overcall is preemptive.  To make a double jump shift over the overcall generally will get the partnership too high.

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)'s Bridge Bulletin Standard (BBS) system plays that a jump shift over the overcall is a splinter raise.  E.g. 1H, 2D, 4C shows a forcing game raise of hearts with a singleton or void in clubs. 


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