Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) is a standardized version of the Standard American system, allowing almost no variation. As such, it is useful for playing in clubs and online. Many partnerships start with SAYC and make various adjustments to their taste.

Openings Edit

Standard American Yellow Card uses 5-card majors (although very good 4-card majors may be opened with discretion in third seat), Strong 2♣, Weak two bids, a strong balanced 1NT opening (15-17 points), 2NT opening at 20-21, and a natural 3NT opening with 25-27 points. Notrump openings may include 5-card majors or minors.

NT openings may include a five-card suit; With 3-3 in the minors, open 1; With 4-4 in the minors, open 1.

Suit Auctions Edit

See sub-article /suit auction

Notrump Auctions Edit

SAYC uses a strong 1NT showing 15-17 points. 2NT shows 20-21 points, and 3NT shows 25-27 points. Opening an artifical strong two clubs and rebidding 2NT shows 22-24 points.

In response to a 1NT opening, the Stayman and Jacoby transfer conventions are used.

See sub-article /notrump auction for details.

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