Standard American Yellow Card allows opening notrump with all balanced hand, even with a 5-card suit. It uses the following conventions with notrump openings:

After a 1NT Opening Edit

A 1NT opening promises 15-17 points and a balanced hand (at most one doubleton). The responses are:

Nonforcing Stayman Edit

1NT-2 is nonforcing Stayman. Opener must bid the cheapest 4-card major at the 2-level, or 2 otherwise. With 4-4 in the majors, bid 2. After that, a 3 level minor shows 5 card suit and slam interest, but other continuations are undefined in the booklet.

Jacoby Transfers Edit

2 and 2 are Jacoby transfers to hearts and spades, respectively. This promises a five-card suit and any strength.

Responder's rebids Edit

  • Pass: to play
  • 2NT: invitational (8-9 HCP and exactly 5 trump). Opener chooses between 2NT, 3 of the suit, 3NT, or 4 of the suit.
  • new suit: natural and game forcing, shows two-suited hands.
  • single raise: invitational and shows six trump.
  • 3NT: game choice. Pass or correct to 4 of the suit.
  • raise to game: sign off, requires six trump.

Bypassing the transfer Edit

With a maximum (17 points) and four trump, opener may bypass the transfer, bidding responder's suit at the 3-level instead.

Gerber Edit

Gerber is completely identical to the standard. 4 asks for aces, after which 5 asks for kings. This is true after an 1NT or 2NT opening.

Quantitative Raise Edit

1NT-4NT is natural and invites 6NT.

Interference after 1NT opening Edit

After 1NT opening is doubled Edit

All responses are on after opponent doubles the opening.

After 1NT opening is overcalled Edit

Any bid after the 1NT opening turns off any conventional responses, except that a cue-bid is game forcing Stayman

Interference after a convention Edit

All rebids after interfered conventional responses are the same as without interference. Additionally,

  • Opener may pass without support for responder's trump suit, since responder may bid again.

After a 2NT opening Edit

2NT openings show 20-21 points. (Opening 2 and rebidding 2NT shows 22-24 points) Stayman and Jacoby transfers are still used. Responder's point ranges should be adjusted down by 4-5 points.

After a 3NT opening Edit

3NT opening shows a 25-27 balanced hand.