This treatment is alertable in ACBL regulations.[1] Strong two bids are old-fashioned opening suit bids at the two level, specifying unbalanced hands two strong to open at the one level. Common requirement includes:

  • 20 HCPs or more or its playing equivalent, or 4 or less losers.
  • A good 5 card suit or a 6 card suit.

These opening bids are forcing.

As these hands are rare, many do not use this treatment now, and instead use a strong two clubs to open all strong hands. This reserves the other two level bids for preempts (weak two bids).

Strong two bids may also be used with strong two clubs together (e.g. in Acol). If used in this way, a 2 opening is game forcing except 2NT, and the other strong two bids are limited but still forcing.

Responses Edit

  • 2NT : Artificial negative response, denies game strength.
  • 3NT : To play.
  • suit response : Game forcing, 3 card support or 5 card new suit.


  1. [1] Opening Two-Level Suit Bid and Responses : Natural two-level suit openings that promise intermediate or better values