As an opening Edit

  • If playing Weak two bids then 2 shows 5-11 points and 6+ hearts.
  • If playing Strong two bids then 2 shows around 21+ points and 6+ hearts.

As a response Edit

As a response to a 1 or 1 opening Edit

  • After a minor suit opening, 2 is a jump shift, which can be played either weak or strong.

As a response to a 1 opening Edit

  • A single raise 1-2 typically promises a fit and a minimum response.

As a response to a 1 opening Edit

  • This non-jump bid is 2/1. It typically promises 10+ points and if opening 5-card majors, a 5-card heart suit (note that this

is the exception to 2/1, all other suits requiring only 4. The reasoning is that without a 3-card spade fit and only 4 hearts, there must be a four-card minor to show. A 4-4 fit will be found when partner rebids 2).

As a response to 1NT opening Edit

As a response to 2 opening Edit

  • 2 is typically a positive response showing 8+ and a 5-card heart suit. Transfer bids may be in use that would change this meaning.

As an overcall Edit