Unusual notrump overcall is a convention. This convention is alertable.

An unusual notrump overcall is a defensive convention to show a two-suited hand.

Convention Edit

After RHO opens 1 of a suit, 2NT shows at least 5-5 in the lowest two unbid suits. The strength varies between partnership agreements. It works as below:

  • after 1, 2NT shows s and s;
  • after 1, 2NT shows s and s;
  • after 1 or 1, 2NT shows the minors, s and s.

With a two-suited hand outside the agreed strength, make a simple overcall.

This bid is artificial and forcing.

This convention also works at higher levels. In general, a surprise NT overcall at a high level shows 5-5 in the lowest two unbid suits, if followed by correction, some other two-suiters.

South West North East
1 / 4 4NT

The 4NT overcall shows 5-5 in both minors and the willingness to compete at the 5-level. If it is corrected by 5 after a 5 response, it shows 5-5 in s and s.

Responses Edit

Follow-up Edit

Interference Edit

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When faced with a 2NT overcall promising two known suits, many pairs take advantage of the fact using one cuebid to show a forcing raise of the opener suit, and the other cuebid to show a forcing bid of the fourth suit. Bidding those suits directly instead are merely competitive calls.